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Jubilee Academy

Jubilee Academy is an Early Childhood education program opening in August of 2017. We will offer a traditional 4 and 5 year old Preschool Class 4 days a week and a 3 year old class 2 days a week. Our goal is to nurture early learning in students who are at-risk of failing in the public school system due to the many obstacles they face. Through Jubilee Academy, students will be well equipped to enter Kindergarten. We have a holistic approach and will be working alongside parents to create and accomplish goals for each child.

After School Program

The After-School program is designed to provide a safe, stimulating environment for youth upon their release from school. We provide tutoring, reading help, life skills training, character development classes, leadership and service learning opportunities, computer training, and recreational activities. The program currently runs Monday-Thursday and is open to K-8th students.



One-on-one mentoring is offered to students as we have volunteer mentors available. Become a mentor today! Check out our Get Involved page to learn more.

Summer Kid’s Club

The Summer Kid’s Club is an opportunity for children to excel in academics, improve social skills, and engage in safe, fun recreational activities throughout the summer months. The program is held in June and July.
Activities We Provide:
*Educational Field Trips
*Drama, Art, Woodworking, Music, and more!

Student Leadership

Jubilee Partners offers opportunities for Junior High and High School youth to be involved in leadership positions. Our Student Leadership Team offers Junior and Senior High students internships where they gain invaluable job and life skills training during our Summer Kid’s Club.
Leadership Activities:
*Leading Daily Activities
*Assisting Staff Members
*Food Preparation

Christmas Store

Students who attend the After School Program have the opportunity to earn points each day for completing their homework, having good behavior, helping other students and staff, and completing their chores. These points convert to dollars that they can spend shopping for Christmas gifts for friends and family. The Christmas Store takes place on the Thursday before Christmas each year.